The Entrepreneurship and constancy of Juan Manuel Hernandez and Diana Tijo, two Bogota citizens, passionate about finance and marketing, did that after traveling to London, they merge their knowledge to create the luxury project with the best service, location and affordability.

A 360 degree service that provides plenty of opportunities for investors, advising them to have a safe investment, or may buy or sell your property, always with reliable properties that have the best service, style, comfort, exclusivity and privacy.

Thanks to its achievements Madi Group has three companies focusing on different sectors Riviera, Spazio In and 3Floor.
“Our focus is to provide confidence to people in the real estate sector. Our added value is the service because we understand when someone first comes to a new environment, or is selling or buying a property, for this reason, we provide all the personalized advice


Our Mision
More than a real estate, we are the support and assistance of those who place their trust in us, in the promotion process or acquisition of a property in the most exclusive areas of Colombia, the United States and Europe. We seek complete customer satisfaction, working daily in order to provide a broad portfolio with the best and most exclusive investment options or housing.


Our Experience

We are a Real Estate Holding with more than 10 years of experience in the local and international markets. Our extensive experience allows us to offer an exclusive service, based on the personalized advice of experienced professionals who guarantee each customer the best option.

We currently have two companies focused on different real estate markets, located in the UK, the US and Colombia.


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*Prices for properties in the United States are in U.S. Dollars. Prices for properties in the United Kingdom are in G.B. Pounds.

Prices vary depending on the exchange, for that reason the prices shown in foreign currencies are an approximation.